Boulder’s kind of biker bar

Peter Fonda and Sturgis riders should not watch this video.

I saw this contraption roaming the streets of downtown Boulder, Colo., last night. From what I’ve found on the Web, “My Handle Bar” just started in May 2011. Customers sit at the bar and pedal it around town. That’s right. They pedal the whole establishment around on the street. Only in Colorado would a beer drinker want to burn off those alcohol calories while drinking them.

The owners should convince Lance Armstrong to come over from Aspen and shoot a commercial with him racing this bar-bike around town while swilling Michelob Ultra.

It looked like a lot of fun, but it must feel a little disorienting to be seated and pedaling in one direction while the bar-bike moves perpendicularly to you.

Watch the “My Handle Bar” promotional video or check out their Web site.


One Response to Boulder’s kind of biker bar

  1. Hey Joe,

    I work with MyHandleBar. Thanks for writing this and posting the video! You should check out the official launch party this Sunday, June 12 from 1-4p.m. at the Lazy Dog. We will have two giant bikes there and will be giving free rides to anyone over 18.

    More details here:!/event.php?eid=117670344985179

    Thanks! If you have any questions email


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